About Me


What can I say about me, well, I really don't know. But as most of you know, I love book, and I can't stop reading them. I usually read more YA than any other type of genre, but I'm really open minded to anything that seems interesting. Also I don't read to much non-fiction. Though I do love some books from that aria of writing, but is just that I believe that book, should take you to a different world than the one you are in right now. That's if you're not an alien from another planet, which is totally cool with me. Okay, anyway, I love books, and since I love books, I also love writing. I do have some things that I'm working on, but I learn not to say anything about them.
I'm trying really hard to get published, and sending all the query letters and you know, the whole I want an agent thing. But is hard, is a though business to get to, but I won't give up. Besides the best writers right now, have gone through the same process as I do.
Now. let's move on to another topic. The things I like to do besides reading or writing. Well that's really easy, ART. I love every form of art. I like what can be express through a stroke of brush, or the texture of canvas. My favorite, an amazing talented painter that I love so much is Shiori Matsumoto, which you guys should all go google or whatever you guys search through, because he's amazing. I love every single painting that he has done, and as you guys can see in my page of Art Work, I love unrealistic, and creepy drawings. So I don't know if that makes me a creepy guy, but I like it. I also like how people react to them.
Well, that's all that I think I could share with you guys, and I hope you guys love Words May Kill You.
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