Books Artwork

All this drawing are done by me, and are held under my ownership. They express my imagination toward characters within a book, or short story. Please do not replicate or in any circumstance copy my work. I work hard for it.

This first drawing, I didn't exactly drew it in behalf of the character of Bananach in Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr, but it inspire this whole process of drawing characters from book. I did this drawing way before I read Ink Exchange, but it did remanded me of Bananach. If you want to know more, go check out my review of Ink Exchange and learn more about the amazing book, and the drawing itself.

These are the Cordelle sisters, better known as Fancy and Kit, from Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves. And yes, this is the first official drawing that I've done for a book. So hope I did well, and go check out more about the drawing on my review of Slice of Cherry

This is Lenah, the vampire queen of Infinite Days, by Rebecca Maizel. Took me a lot to master the tattoo in Lenah's arm, but if you want to know more about this drawing and the book. Go check out my review of Infinite Days

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