My Art Work

Even Death Wants It!
I know, lots of people tell me that it looks creepy, and my response is always the same. Is suppose to be creepy, anyway. I drew this sketch, in order to show the perfection of a man's body, by showing of course the chest, and abs. However, I gave his heart outside his body, to reflect the point of view that most people, meaning girls. Believe guys have their heart somewhere else, if you know what I mean. And the hands, are suppose to be the hands of death, grasping for the form of corpse.

The Devil in Disguise
This is one of my favorite drawing I have ever done, and trust me, I don't like anything that I do, for I find a lot of imperfection. However, I can't find any on this one, I love the colors, and yeah I should have done more shadow work on it. But I love it the way it is. And, the definition of this drawing, is the portrait of a perfect man, disguise under a mask. Like saying that beauty may be what people see, but the true feeling, and who they are can be like the Devil. A perfect beauty, but a terrible love.
A Dream in A Dream:  Okay, a lot of people like this drawing. I don't really know why, but attracts their attention. Honestly, I didn't even paid that much attention when I was doing it, I was sketching around, but apparently lots of people love it. So, the main purpose that I wanted to portrait through the excruciating pain that the woman is feeling as she's being rip apart by the bird. Is to express the dark dream of her dream. Which apparently the dream catcher didn't caught, proving that even the darkest dreams can come to life, even if you try to stop them.
The Perfect Suit: I love this drawing, I did it long time ago, like three years I go I think. Anyway, the main purpose is to show that many people, and I do say this because is true. Hate their body, and because of that, they tend to try and fix it. When they shouldn't, so, in the drawing you see, a girl who has a zipper on her back, showing the suit, which is her body. Yet, the suit has a bar code and a price tag, saying YOUR LIFE, meaning that in order to have the perfect suit, it may cost you, YOUR LIFE.
The Perfect Gear 1: Okay, I know the girl is naked, but hey is art, and I wanted to point out, that is just to show the perfect GEAR, because if you notice, behind the body there's a gear. and you may see a lot of gears on my drawing, in the vein that in my AP Art class we were challenge (and I do challenge) to stick to one theme. And I don't exactly have an explanation of why I did Gears. However, the purpose of this drawing is to show the Gear that is the human body of a woman or a man for that matter.
The Perfect Gear 2: Okay, like I said look at the Gear, LOL. Anyway same explanation as the Perfect Gear 1, which is to portrait that, what moves a person is their body, like a gear dose too. The construction of the Gear, helps it move in contact with another gear, and so on and on. So, hope you guys like it.
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