Sunday, June 26, 2011

My drop of Blood

This post will either relate to a TV Show, Movie, or Something that grab my attention, and I feel like sharing it to you guys. This is probably one of the post that you may see more often on Sunday's during this summer, and maybe on the weekends. Like I said, it relates to whatever grabs my attention besides books. Today's Drop of Blood is from 
now I haven't read all the series, only the first three books, and so far I'm loving them as much as I love the show. Both have something to be craving for, in the books is the characters that haven't made it to the screen, and it the TV series, the bloody twists that Allan Ball creates, which I love. Anyhow, today True Blood is premiering it's fourth season. I can't believe it, time has fly by, and it just feels like I saw the first episode yesterday. Wait I did saw the first episode yesterday... :) moving now, here's a preview to sink your teeth into.

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