Sunday, July 17, 2011

In My Mailbox (2)

I have another great In My Mailbox this week, and I wanted to share with you guys the coolest things I got this week. Now, this IMM is hosted by the amazing and wonderful Kristi from The Story Siren, if you haven't checked her website, so should right now, NOW!!

Okay, now, if you have hopefully come back to see what I got this week. Well, if you been looking at my blog lately, I have a Bloody Giveaway from July 8 to August 8, and in the giveaway I'm giving away a ARC of HALO by Alexandra Adornetto. So since I'm giving my copy away, I decided to go buy the Hardcover for my own. Yay! I have the Hardcover.

by the way if you want to enter into the giveaway,

here's the link:

to win an ARC of HALO

Now, as for the second book I got, a Hardcover copy of THE GIRL IN THE ARENA, and I have to tell you a story. I found out that this book  was for a bargain price on Amazon, and there was only 20 copies left. Then 10 copies left, and I was growing anxious and more anxious, when suddenly there was only one copy left. And I was like ugh, I don't have money to buy it, and I was ready to give up, but for some twist of fate, that copy lasted for three days still on Amazon. That as soonest I got the money, I went ahead and bought it. Now, you wondering why I wanted this book so bad, well for starters is Dystopian, second, the girl looks fierce and ready to kick butt, in the cover. Third, it deals with gladiator fights, meets GAMER movie story. Which is one of most favorite movies in the world. You should check it out.   So here it is, the last copy of (bargain price on amazon) and it's all mine *hugs*. I feel so proud of myself.

Now as for the third book I got, I got to say, I sort of won it in a game that me and my mom sometimes get to do against each other. We were watching a move, and both of us were guessing what was going to happen. I told her that I usually unravel the whole thing just buy looking at the character and the plot. And I do have to tell you, almost all the time I'm right.
Anyway, she was challenging me, so I told her, okay if I lose I will clean the house for a weak without arguing, but if you lose, you get to buy me a book. So guess who WON!! ME!!

Anyway, I bought this book, because first of all I heard is like Down of the Dead meets, Necromancer thing going on. And since I read recently The Darkest Powers, by Kelley Armstrong, and the main character was a Necromancer. I wanted to read something more about them. So, I bought a Hardcover copy of HOLD ME CLOSER, NECROMANCER because it sounded close to it, don't you think. Besides the Cover is amazing, with the whole crow, and edgy kinda look. It does remind me of Down of the Dead.

Now as for the second two books that I'm going to show you, I won't have to explain much, but I know I will probably be getting the look of why haven't I read them. And nope I haven't read them, and I should be kill for it, but here they are.. :) 

            Hardcover copy of                                                                              Paperback copy of 
         THE BODY FINDER                                                                      THE HUNGER GAMES
         by Kimberly Derting                                                                             by Suzanne Collins

Now, I hope you didn't left after reading that I haven't read THE HUNGER GAMES, but if you are, here's the last two books I got. And for this book, I got to tell you I'm supper excited to read, yes, after Ir read The Hunger Games, maybe.... :) Furthermore, I want to read this books because they deal with Druids, I have no heck idea what exactly are, except they resemble the qualities of a wizard, I believe. But anyway, they sound funny, they sound awesome, and most importantly they deal with Gods, witches, vampires, faeries, and a vast of other Creatures for the lack of a better word. So here they are:
aren't the covers amazing, but before I go, if anyone of you know if this series is either YA or an Adult book let me know, because I been wondering, and I can't find what they are. I mean they deal with a guy whose 21 centuries old, but he's 21 accordingly so. Let me know if you somehow happen to know, and also let me know what you got in your mailbox. TOO MANY KNOWS IN THAT SENTENCE, OH WELL... :)


  1. I loved The Body Finder and have heard nothing but good things about Kevin Hearne's new series. Enjoy!

    My IMM:

  2. Great set! I loved the Hunger Games. I'm very interested in Halo and Girl in the Arena. New follower!
    My IMM

  3. Nice mailbox this week. I have been waiting for Halo to come in from the library for months now. I am finally like 4 in line to get it.
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  4. Wow, you do have a lot of books to read this week! Haha.

    I loved The Hunger Games - never too late to read something as fabulous as that book. You should have gotten the two other books in the trilogy -Catching Fire and Mockingjay - once you begin, I assure you, you won't be able to stop.

    We also have a copy of HALO a few months back, I believe from Macmillan - we reviewed it in our site as well. I haven't heard of Body Finder yet, so I'd check on your site to see how you like it.

    Here is my IMM:


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