Sunday, August 14, 2011

In My Mailbox (6)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme, were bloggers around the world, talk about books they got in their mail, either if they bought them, or were gifted. This allows books to be promoted, and in a way it makes us scream and yell for wanting that book/s too. This mailbox is hosted by the amazing Kristi from The Story Siren so go on a cheek her amazing website, she beyond words awesome.

by Lesley Livingston

If you don't know about this book, you're probably been living under a rock, because everywhere I turn, I keep seeing the series all over.
The story follows a girl name Kelley Winslow, who discovers she's a Faerie princess, and let's just say a lot of things happen to her.
I personally haven't read Wondrous Strange because I don't have the book, but I saw that Darklight was at Bargain Price, so I went go a head and bought it, but as soonest I have money for Wondrous Strange. You know I will buy it. 
You can buy the book at:

Shadow of the Sun
by Laura Kreitzer

First of all, if you been trying to buy this book, you know is pretty expensive. I thankfully, went around Amazon, and found it at only $4 bucks, so I'm lucky. Now I believe the books is around $13 bucks or so, but before it was like $23 dollars or something.

Anyhow the book is about Angels, if you haven't figure it out by the cover by now. Also the book is a self-publish book, so to find the cover amazing is a really big plus.

However, I been following Laura Kraitzer on twitter, and she started giving bad reviews, like really mean reviews to some authors that I love, and that kinda threw me off on reading the book, and her series. I mean one has to be professional. Even if your a self-publish author. Either way, I will read the series and see what happens, if I like it I will probably continue it, but I'm not so into it after those reviews.

You can buy the book at:

So what did you guys got in your Mailbox this week?


  1. Great set! I've heard fab things about Laura Kreitzer. Hope you enjoy it.
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  2. Very nice! Hope you enjoy!!

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