Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let The Battle Begin (1)

Tuesday Compares: is a weekly meme usually on Tuesdays of course that will feature covers of book from the U.S and U.K against each other. I usually love to see the different aspect of how the art work of the book is played out in the covers, and I usually always end up liking the UK ones for some reason, there like more detail and just beautiful. Anyhow, on today's battle ground we have:

by Meg Cabot

It's a hard one, they both have beautiful borders and beautiful aspects of what the story is about. Yet, I think UK takes this one, because of the Tittle and and the two different views of the main characters. I haven't read this book, so don't judge me if I get it wrong. Also, I don't like the tittle of the US one because a looks like zipper. I'm not sure if it was meant to be like that but I don't like it. So UK you win this one. 

Do you guys agree or not? 
let me know in the comments.

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