Monday, August 8, 2011

Cover Reveal: Destined - House of Night (book 9)

Okay, this is the moment I been waiting for, the moment of the summer were I geek out and scream my lungs out. If you know me in person, and thankfully none of you do. You would know that I'm a huge HoN fan, and today on Facebook P.C Cast announced a challenged in the HON app for a sneak a peek to the cover of Destined (the 9th novel in the House of Night series) So I did the challenge as many people did, and when we got to download the picture, NO PICTURE, NO NOTHING, LOTS OF US SCREAM, LOTS OF US WANTED TO CRY. But thankfully. They just decided to post the cover in FB regularly and here it is. ISN'T IT PRETTY. And all I'm saying, is that that is Heath, it has to be Heath, and if you read the series, you will know that he would probably look different than he used to. Read the novel to find out why, and how cool is the bull shadow in the background. It shows, how now Heath A.K.A 
is now connected to the dark

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