Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I wanted to let everybody know that I haven't been posting anything in my blog lately, because I recently moved to college, Sul Ross State University. If you know want to know more about it, you can google it up. Either way, I'm a little busy but as soonest I get everything together, I will be back and give you all the amazing review for Kimberly Derting THE BODY FINDER.
Also to let everybody know as well, I have the most horrible dorm ever. There's no AC, two beds in one room. We have to share a bathroom with another room, and we can't lock the door in the bathroom, which by the way they suck. Either way, the classes seem pretty cool, but the rest sucks.
I'm still waiting for the light of the tunnel, but if they don't change me, pretty soon I'm going to reinforcements and make the school change their views of how we pay for money and we get horrible rooms. Let's just say is good to have Higher People in good places.
Well I hope all of you are doing good, and I will be back soon. I promise.

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