Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to the new look of Words May Kill You if you haven't notice I gone purple. LOL anyhow, this is just a temporary look, while I'm working on designing the final look for Words May Kill You. Also, in another note. I want to say, that I'm going to try to be posting every week. I hope.
This means I do have reviews coming up, 'cuz I been reading just not posting the reviews. So keep checking for that. Another thing I want to say, is that if your not a blogger, but wish to start one, but you don't know how. Well your in good luck today.
I'm looking for people to be part of Words May Kill You. All you have to do is love books, and talk about them here. If your interested. Send me an email to WORDSMAYKILLYOU@GMAIL.COM and we can discuss the future of Words May Kill You with you in it.

I'm looking for Vbloggers as well, I do want to expand W.M.K.Y to youtube and other forms of media, like facebook and stuff like that. So I could have people working for our youtube account and some for facebook account, even twitter. All I want to do, is expand the popularity of books, and make people actually want to read, and find that there's a lot of books out there. So if you interested just send me an email, or you can respond in the comments below.

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